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"Can vouch for the fact that the items I ordered were authentic, amazing and just like I used to get at home. Five stars to Palakkad kitchen" - Narayan Iyer , USA. 

"Received the Vishu Kit just now. Thanks for the Vishu kani. My daughter from Singapore recommended this to me after she found to be very good.She has asked many of her friends to order this.

Proud of you as Keralans and for your efforts to popularise our exclusive food items. Happy VISHU to you all."

- Leela Sivaraman, Singapore / Chennai

" Thank you for being very fast and prompt in delivering good quality stuff. I have widely circulated to all my friends in the Group.

It was really imaginative on your part to have kept Vishu Kaineetam . Good gesture and reminds of our customs and practices.

I thank you once again and wish you the very best to keep going strong in your venture .  May God bless you Always and in All Ways"

- Dr. Gopalakrishnan , Bangalore

Fantastic, authentic taste of my paati's (grandmother) recipes. Was missing this for long time, when out of the blue 'Palakkad kitchens' satisfied my palette. I have been sharing this with my friends so they too can take advantage of it. 

I have given a five star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. 

- Mr. Kailasam , Mumbai 

Mango pickles are really mouth watering. Everything in the right proportion. Hats off to you for sending it neatly packed and on time. Our entire family and some of our friends to whom we have shared the pickle have lot of praises for you. Even the other items which we had ordered are also the BEST. One is reminded of Pakakkad and I am proud to be known as a Palakkadan. God bless you

 - Ms. Sarada Menon, Mumbai

Excellent quality and service. We are getting ready to place the next order👍

- Mr. Ramnath , Mumbai

Really excellent quality.

- Mr. Varadarajan ,Mumbai 

Was so delicious and Krispy. Packing was also too good. Well done palakkad kitchen. Keep up the good job .would like to place more orders in future as well.

- Anandi Sriram , Bangalore 

I am really happy with your products - top quality stuff !  

- Krishnan C P , New Delhi

Authentic taste of all the products. Enjoyed every bit of it. Only the karvadam could have been made a bit thinner so that it get fried quickly.Otherwise all the 7 plus items I purchased tastes awesome..

Sabitha P  , Hyderabad 

Long time since we had Mahani Root pickle. It is excellent! Nostalgic ....

Jayanthi , Bangalore 

Too good... Just like how my mom makes it. Thanks!

- Beena Harish , Chennai

You are doing a great job. All your things were of great quality -  Ramachander , Bangalore

Thank you for ensuring the consignment was in one box. Also wanted to say we totally appreciate the quality of all we've had so far -  Sanjeev Iyer, Bangalore 

We just opened the chaka varatti, which is delicious! Tapioca chips and chakka papaddam are also big hits - Madhavi Menon, Delhi 

All ur products are excellent. So authentic. It made me nostalgic. Will surely order again👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 - Anusha Chellam , Nagpur

Just savoured the Chakkai Varrati. Yummy 😋🤤 - Suresh Naduvath, Bangalore

All of the items I ordered were fresh and delivered in record time (5 days). I wish shipping was not so expensive to the US , then we could order more frequently

Kai murukku was the best!!

- Lalitha Iyer, USA 

Thanks a lot. The pickles in the recent consignment call for priority consumption.

At the same time, more temptation means more Salt intake 😀😀😀 - Dr. Ramaswamy, Kochi

The taste was really good and items fresh - Geeta Nair , Mumbai

Kai Murukku was very good . Mahani pickle too was good - Praveen Sagar , Bangalore 

Items received yesterday evening. As usual they are very good and traditionally true to our Palakkad taste. The Chakka pappadam stands out. Little more VELLAM in Chakka varatti recommended. Overall items deserve A1 - Sivaraman , Chennai

Excellent  salted ,sarkara upperi, and of the best we tasted 👌👌

- Lakshmi Sekhar , Bangalore

Lot of my friends and relations have bought from you and they are happy - Ram Mohan Menon, Bangalore

Real good stuff! Tried the pickles and vadams for dinner. Thanks! 👍😊

Malleswaram, Bangalore

Hello! The packing was excellent and leak proof. We tried few items in Applam and vadam today and they were very tasty. Will order more for sure once the current stock is over. Thank you.

Sundar L
OMR Road, Chennai, India

Got the package. The narthankai vattal and pachai kurumulagu was awesome. Will tell my friend circles.

Ganesh V S

Opened the salted vadu mangai and it was really nice and tender 👌🏻

Mumbai, India

About Us

Palakkad Kitchen

- Traditionally Crafted Palakkad Specialties

Palakkad Kitchen has curated a collection of carefully selected foods from God's own country, Kerala. Most of these foods owe their origin to a place called Palakkad. We are passionate about foods and ensure our foods are flavorful and have a rich culture and lineage . Above all, they are timeless and passed through several generations with perfection.

All our products are sourced from Palakkad from manufacturers carefully curated by our team to maintain high quality in taste and packing. We have designed our catalog to cater to both your health as well as your desire to explore and discover nuances in traditional flavors. Ultimately, it has to cater to both your palate as well as health ! The products presented here are generally not found off-the-shelf in a supermarket . Whether your are a food adventurer or a connoisseur ,we hope to delight you and guide you to the unique cuisine of Kerala’s rich food heritage.

“Good food is like music you can taste, colour you can smell. There is excellence all around you. You need only to be aware to stop and savour it.” - Ratatouille (2007)


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